Mudra and Bandha

Shakti Mudra

This mudra is said to be a ‘feminine’ mudra and therefore helpful for the pelvic region.  But is also helps to calm the nervous system and is said to be beneficial to help you sleep.

Varuna Mudra 

This mudra is designed to balance the water element within the body…very important since we are 70% water!  Ideally we can practice up to 45mins a day…although for most of us that would be a challenge!  But you can do anywhere as long as you are being mindful about it.

Ashwini Mudra

This is Horse Mudra, and a very important Mudra although rarely taught I feel.  But it is a good practice to know and feel before moving into working with the bandhas (energy locks).


Ganesh is the elephant…and this mudra is perfect to help to remove obstacles in your life.


This mudra is perfect to work with Manipura chakra.

Hakini Mudra

This mudra is excellent for helping us to connect with, and trust and develop, our intuition.  It is the mudra of the Mind.


This mudra is really helpful if you are having any self doubts, feeling overwhelmed with life or lacking trust in yourself.  Sit with it, and observe the breath for as long as feels comfortable for you.  


Yoni mudra is a simple hand gesture to bring relaxation and stability to the body.  It is also believed to help increase Prana.  

Hasta Mudras for Pranayama 

These mudras are like magic!  When you are new to learning how to breathe, to even notice you are breathing, these may help you.  They direct the breath to different areas of the lungs and give us more focus.  You can work with all of them or individually.  The only one I would not recommend using on its own is Adhi Mudra as it encourages a shallow breath, and we aiming on having a deeper breath to help the nervous system be calm and peaceful, and we want the whole lung capacity to be reached.


Earth Mudra…an explanation of how and when you can use this wonderful mudra. (Updated April 2020)

Hridaya Mudra

Use this mudra to help the physical heart but also at times when you want silence.  Use it to really connect to your heart space.

Anjali Mudra

Use this mudra to find some inner stillness and to give thanks.

Jalandhara Bandha Info Sheet

This practice is best learnt from a teacher…feel free to contact me about it.

Mula Bandha Info Sheet

This practice is best learnt from a teacher…feel free to contact me about it.