Antar Mouna Stage 1 Senses – this is a recording to help you with Stage 1 of Antar Mouna…Inner Silence.  There are 5 stages, but we must be adept at Stage 1 before moving onto the others.  I hope this one helps and makes sense to you.  There is a little visualisation which helps you to ‘cleanse the mind’ or even to ‘clear the perceptions’ of the mind.  You will need about 20mins.


Antar Mouna – Inner Silence – an information sheet about this wonderful practice.  Please take time to work with it over several months, it is not a quick fix but it is a deep and beautiful practice.  I hope to give you a recording soon too.

Water, Wind and Space –  use this recording as a meditation on sound or you could use as a relaxation.  Make sure phones are off and that you won’t be disturbed for 20 mins.  It does use 3 distinctly different sounds, helping to clear the layers of our being.


Hridaya Mudra – use this mudra to help the physical heart but also at times when you want silence.  Use it to really connect to your heart space.

Anjali Mudra – use this mudra to find some inner stillness and to give thanks.

OM MANI PADME HUMstrictly a mantra but you can use as a meditation.

Kaya Sthairyam – this is a preparatory practice to meditation really.  I often use as the settling process, but you can then carry on with a breath, or any other meditational practice.  12 mins long.


Breath Meditation 1 – 12 mins long, recorded some time ago but hopefully it is a starter for you.  Great for a busy day.


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