Gayatri Mantra Info Sheet
This is one of my favourite mantras and I use it everyday at the beginning and end of my personal practice.  I learnt it by listening to Deva Premal over and over and over again!  It took me ages to find the written version as it was before the Google days!!  It can be found on Deva’s The Essence album.
There are various translations, but I rather like Veronica’s of Akasha Yoga:
‘We invite the body, the mind and the soul to work in balance with that source of all light.
We meditate on the divine splendour.
May this warm loving and all pervading light
Inspire and guide our minds and ignite and open our hearts.’

Sat Nam Wahe Guru Mantra
I used this in a workshop in April 2019 and found this wonderful link to someone actually chanting it.  Another version is on the album called Trinity by Mantra Girl.  To actually work with the mantra you may like to use the fingers to help you concentrate and coordinate movement. Click on the link above for more details.

Mantra for Surya Namaskar   
Click on the title above and use these mantras for any 12 posture sequence…or you could just recite them as part of an Ajapa Japa Meditation. I have used them for a seated sequence I did in the June 2019 masterclass … which is suitable for all of us.  You can find the video on youtube.