“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not
.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Namaste and wishing you are very warm welcome.  I really hope you find something of interest throughout these pages, do have a good browse, if you need any help, please get in touch.

I am still buzzing from my first “normal” class since September 2020!  I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it was to see everyone…thanks so much ladies for joining me and signing up to this new class at Sage Studio in Belper.  Long may we continue!

Look out for an email from me next week as I want to share what will be happening with classes from October.  I really hope we are on the home straight now and can start doing the things we all love – together.  Wishing you a super week ahead.  Classes are as usual next week and I have updated the schedule page…so hopefully see you Monday (11th)!!

14th August – our next yoga walk…let me know if you want to join me so I can send you details.

23rd to 25th August – no classes

27th August – Chanting for well being

Thank you so much for supporting all the little extra things I am trying to put on whilst the weather is good to help raise money for the project.  Currently we have £11433 which is just amazing.   The proposals for the project and costs are here…Water Project Proposal for Dada Tol.    A few corporate sponsors would be great.  If you can help in anyway please do get in touch.

All class details can be found HERE. and I really hope you can join me.  Please feel free to share my details with friends and family as I would love new people to come along if they are thinking of trying yoga.

If you have never been to one of my classes before, please complete the Oakwood Yoga Health Form GDPRBWY and EMAIL it to me prior to joining a class.  When I receive it I will send you the payment methods…please pay prior to class.  If you are a new student we also need to arrange a 15 min call.  If you are unable to pay that is fine…just let me know.


Yoga for Those Living with Cancer

When I was about to complete my training with the British Wheel of Yoga, I was allowed to join a course that was specifically to teach yoga to people living with cancer.  It was a really in-depth course run by Julie Friedeberger, who herself had had breast cancer.  She taught us so much and I have been fortunate enough to share the learnings with so many groups since then.
If you are someone that is in this situation, please do get in touch as there is so much I can share with you.  You will be able to come to a regular class or I can work 1:1 with you if that is preferred.  Yoga is hugely beneficial in so many ways.  As a dear friend said once to me…’my regular weekly yoga practice helps me reconnect to my body’…she found that she was angry with her body for putting her through the trauma of having cancer.  She is great now.  If you would like to have a chat about how yoga can help then please do get in touch.

Chair Yoga Class

This class is suitable for anyone who wishes a more gentle, theraputic yoga class. It is a mixed class, suitable to the beginner, those with cancer, ME, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis… Yoga is available to us all, no matter what our level of ability or health condition. There is something for everyone.
The emphasis of our work together, is on gentle but strengthening movements, simple breathing techniques, visualisations, meditation and relaxation practices, including Yoga Nidra.  If you wish to attend, or if you know of anyone that may be interested in coming along, please contact me for details.

Restorative Yoga for Everyone

I get many enquiries from people wanting to come to a yoga class, but feeling a little unsure if yoga is the right thing for them and if my classes are suitable.
Yoga is beneficial to everyone…no matter what age you are or what your physical ability is. If you are breathing you can do yoga! It really is that basic! My classes are inclusive to all; there are no expectations other than you taking what you need at that very moment and enjoying it. Our work is balanced; making the connection between mind and body.
I provide a safe environment where everyone is supported.