Phillipa swinging between rocks!

“Nothing is lost or wasted in this life.‘ – Bhagavad Gita

Hello and Welcome!  I really hope that something within these pages resonates with you…if not let me know!  Much of what is in the resources section is aimed at my students as they are things we have worked on in class at some point.

I have just come back from my annual Summer Retreat weekend in Grindleford Derbyshire. It was fabulous…even if I do say so…despite the efforts of the weather.  Great food, great company, lots of yoga and laughter and walks in the rain!  If you have considered  going on a yoga retreat but feel apprehensive or ‘not good enough’ then do have a chat with me.  The retreat weekends are very much about helping you develop in your own practice, meeting new people, having time out and learning new things about yourself and how far you have already come in your yoga practice.  Mine always have a fun element!

We are preparing now for the Coffee Morning in Aid of Nepal on 2nd November.  If you can help on the day, provide any cakes, or donate anything for the tombola I would be hugely grateful.  This year all the money will be for the children’s cancer unit at Kanti hospital in November.  I will share more details soon.

To book a masterclass, please contact me and let me know.  It is always good to have an idea of numbers and you can just pay on the day.  Please note that all masterclasses will now be at Breadsall Memorial Hall, Brookside Road, Breadsall DE21 5LR.  Do check the times as these will vary and a couple of classes will be a little longer than normal.

Don’t forget about Jan Forrester, who is running the Himalaya 100 mile Trail Race in November.  If you would like to sponsor her and keep up with her story it is all on her Just Giving Page….and all money is going to LED.  It is such a wonderful, crazy, thing she is doing…do follow and share her story.

If you are thinking of trying one of my classes you are very welcome.  The full class schedule will give you times and locations.  Please do bring your own mat, block and a blanket/cover for relaxation.  Wear comfy clothing…don’t worry about shoes as we remove those from the outset!

Masterclass Calendar

26th October 2019 – The Major Chakras
The intention with this class is to give you an overview of the 7 main chakras, going a little deeper than we would in a normal class.  This will be a 3hr class and starts at 2.30pm.

23rd November 2019 – Yoga and Winter Meditations 
This class is themed around preparing for winter, keeping ourselves healthy and is suitable even if you have limited or no meditation experience.  I will also be demonstrating how to do Jala Neti…nasal cleansing using warm salty water. This will be a 3hr class and starts at 2.30pm.

I have updated the Masterclass page with all the classes programmed until Jan 2020.

Yoga for Those Living with Cancer

When I was about to complete my training with the British Wheel of Yoga, I was allowed to join a course that was specifically to teach yoga to people living with cancer.  It was a really in-depth course run by Julie Friedeberger, who herself had had breast cancer.  She taught us so much and I have been fortunate enough to share the learnings with so many groups since then.
If you are someone that is in this situation, please do get in touch as there is so much I can share with you.  You will be able to come to a regular class or I can work 1:1 with you if that is preferred.  Yoga is hugely beneficial in so many ways.  As a dear friend said once to me…’my regular weekly yoga practice helps me reconnect to my body’…she found that she was angry with her body for putting her through the trauma of having cancer.  She is great now.  If you would like to have a chat about how yoga can help then please do get in touch.

Chair Yoga Class

This class is suitable for anyone who wishes a more gentle, theraputic yoga class. It is a mixed class, suitable to the beginner, those with cancer, ME, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis… Yoga is available to us all, no matter what our level of ability or health condition. There is something for everyone.
The emphasis of our work together, is on gentle but strengthening movements, simple breathing techniques, visualisations, meditation and relaxation practices, including Yoga Nidra.  If you wish to attend, or if you know of anyone that may be interested in coming along, please contact me for details.

Restorative Yoga for Everyone

I get many enquiries from people wanting to come to a yoga class, but feeling a little unsure if yoga is the right thing for them and if my classes are suitable.
Yoga is beneficial to everyone…no matter what age you are or what your physical ability is. If you are breathing you can do yoga! It really is that basic! My classes are inclusive to all; there are no expectations other than you taking what you need at that very moment and enjoying it. Our work is balanced; making the connection between mind and body.
I provide a safe environment where everyone is supported.