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Well, I have just got through a large email file and want to get out into the sunshine. So beautiful here today.
I love the beginning of September as there are always lots of enquiries for classes and I feel so lucky to be starting extra classes this month - check out my classes page. It feels so good to be getting back into a yoga routine - although I have enjoyed my holiday immensely.
There are still some places on the autumnal workshops coming up and the weekend retreat this month. Contact me if you are interested.
Really looking forward to classes starting on 8th September. Take care and enjoy. xx

Saturday Yoga Workshops
From September I will be starting monthly classes on specific themes. They are already getting booked so if you are interested please let me know as I am limiting spaces.
20th September — Doubles & Partner Yoga — searching how we support and are supported when working together. Some work will be in pairs, some group and some will be individual but for all of us!
18th October — Mudra and Mantra — why we use these and looking a little at the history and how to incorporate into your practice
15th November — Raja Yoga — leading us to meditation.
All classes will be held in Quarndon Church Hall, from 09.45 to 12.15, £15 per session but if you book and pay for all three it will be £40. Let me know if you are interested. The aim will be to look a little deeper at the practice, with some light heartedness along the way! xx

Yoga & Walking Retreat - 25th to 28th September 2014
Very excited to be doing a retreat in the beautiful Lake District, combining two loves! I have recently rediscovered this gem of our countryside and feel very lucky to have found an equally lovely place to do yoga from! The details of the weekend are on the classes page. The walks will be around 3 to 4 hours in length depending on photo stops! Longer for those that wish it. I have enlisted the help of Ben who is a guide and knows the Lakes like the back of his hand! Only a few spaces left so please let me know if you wish to join us.

One Voice
When I was training to teach yoga to those living with cancer, I worked with a group of ladies who were part of a study in how yoga can help when you have cancer. They have written a book called One Voice about their personal journey with a gynaecological cancer. Each lady has written a poem or couple of paragraphs sharing their experience in order to help others and bring some awareness to gynae cancers. If you would like a copy (£10, all proceeds go to the Gynaecological Research Fund at Royal Derby Hospital) please let me know. It is a beautiful quality hardback - and the photography of us all is beautiful! Even the teachers have a little bit in there!

The Healing Power of Yoga
This class (Tuesday early evening) is suitable for anyone who wishes a more gentle, theraputic yoga class. It is a mixed class, suitable to the beginner, those with cancer, ME, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis... Yoga is available to us all, no matter what our level of ability or health condition. There is something for everyone.
The emphasis of our work together, is on gentle but strengthening movements, simple breathing techniques, visualisations, meditation and relaxation practices, including Yoga Nidra. The only requirement is that you can get on and off the floor unaided. If you wish to attend, or if you know of anyone that may be interested in coming along, please contact me for details.

Restorative Yoga for Everyone
I get many enquiries from people wanting to come to a yoga class, but feeling a little unsure if yoga is the right thing for them and if my classes are suitable.
Yoga is beneficial to everyone...no matter what age you are or what your physical ability is. If you are breathing you can do yoga! It really is that basic! My classes are inclusive to all; there are no expectations other than you taking what you need at that very moment and enjoying it. Our work is balanced; making the connection between mind and body.
I provide a safe environment where everyone is supported.

Quote of the month:
“This is the miracle. Behind every condition, person or situation that appears bad or evil, lies concealed a deeper good. That deeper good reveals itself to you, both within and without, through inner acceptance of what is. “Resist not evil” is one of the highest truths of humanity.”
Eckhart Tolle

If you would like information on the classes, or anything else yoga, please contact me. I really look forward to hearing from you.




If you want to be happy, practise compassion.